Improve your Safety Records

Maximize Your Profits

INCREASE your reputation

Oilfield  inspection done right the first time so that you can save money, avoid disaster, & worry less


1. Schedule Your

Bring in your drill pipe, casing, tubing, and more to get professionally inspected. Your tubulars will get inspected right the first time!

2. Get a Customized 
Program For Your Needs

We set you up with a customized schedule in our Common Sense Pipe Program for your needs to keep your equipment inspected regularly so that it lasts longer, doesn't cause catastrophic failure onsite, & save you money in the long run.

3. Kick Back & Don't Worry About Your Pipe Anymore

Once you're set up, you don't have to worry about your inspections anymore. We'll take care of all of it for you & you get to take all the credit for keeping things running smoothly.

Automate Your Inspections With Our Common Sense Pipe Program & Free Yourself Up

Many of the problems seen in the oilfield can be avoided or fixed by applying a little common sense. We want to save you from having to face major problems or even catastrophe caused by your pipe failing at the wrong time. We've spent a lot of time on rigs & have seen the kind of problems that come up when a pipe that wasn't inspected properly fails. 

Our mission is to take care of your pipe & care about it like no one else will so that you can worry about the other things on your plate. You shouldn't have to worry about explosions, extra fishing jobs, added expense, or anything else caused by a failure. We prevent those things from happening every day.

Our certified, experienced inspectors will make sure all of your tubular needs are met & keep everything up to date so that you can handle the dozens of other things you have going on & not have to worry about lives being on the line because you know your pipe is good to go.


After about a year of searching for an inspection company for Scientific Drilling in Grand Junction, CO, we found Common sense inspection out of Vernal, UT.


Our problem was finding a company that understood inspection procedure & more importantly followed it to the letter. I believe we found it in CSI.


In our short time using CSI for inspection they have exceeded our expectations in all respects. Their attention to detail and going above and beyond has been refreshing. I would recommend their services highly.

—  Rob N., Scientific Drilling International

When you have us handle your inspections, you can expect to:

Have a relationship with people who care as much as you do about things being done right the first time

Improve your safety records

Increase confidence in your product

Bolster your company's reputation

Make the pipe you already have last longer

Maximize your company's profits

Make drill sites run more smoothly

Have fewer things on your plate to worry about

Keep Things Running Smoothly Knowing Your Inspections Are All Taken Care Of

Having your inspections done right the first time will help you AVOID:

Catastrophic failures on-site

Having rigs down

Days lost producing

Having to call in fishing jobs

Having to spend more money on new pipe

Losing money while things get fixed and/or inspected again



We do this all day everyday & have been doing it for a long time. We solve the kinds of problems you see every single day.


We specialize in inspecting anything that goes downhole. Making sure your inspections are done right is our only focus.

Common Sense
Pipe Program

Our proprietary Common Sense Pipe Program will automate your inspection needs so that all your stuff lasts longer, is safer, goes out on more jobs, and ultimately makes your life  easier.


All of our inspectors are ANST certified & trained to make sure when they handle your job everything is done right & done right the first time. 


We are your pipe reclamation one-stop shop. We do DS1 Category 1-5 & Dimensional Category 1-3 API Inspections. 

  • Drill Pipe Inspection

  • Tubing Inspection

  • Casing Inspection

  • Drill Collar Inspection

  • H.W.D.P. Inspection

  • Rotary Subs Inspection

  • Fishing Tools Inspection

  • Structural & Load Bearing Inspection

  • Weld M.P.I.

  • Liquid Dye Penetrant Inspection

  • Straightening

  • Thread Connection Re-cut

  • Stenciling

  • Hazardous Waste Removal

  • Thread Gauging

  • Derrick Inspection

  • Ultrasonic Wall Thickness Testing

  • Electromagnetic Inspection

  • Wet or Dry Magnetic Particle Inspection

  • Rig Returns

  • Refacing

  • Rattling

  • Connection Cleaning

  • Thread Repair

  • Full Length ID or OD Cleaning

Got questions about any of these services or don't see what you need listed? Send us a message using our contact form. 

You've Got Other Things To Worry About. Let Us Worry About Your Pipe For You.

Our goal is to make your life easier because you know that your inspection needs are taken care of & taken care of right. That way you can focus on the other important issues that you face day in & day out. 

Either call us today or click on the big yellow button to schedule your inspection & we'll assess your needs, set up a customized program for you in our Common Sense Pipe Program, & then we'll do all the work to take care of your inspection needs from here on out.


It's a simple, worry-free solution to make sure everything you need inspected is taken care of. We look forward to working with you.


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